Posted by Kurtis Eugene Category: Poetry

Why not give me roses?
Why not give me roses?
instead of these clouds

I don’t feel like i do anything
I don’t feel like i can do everything
So why try?

Woe is me
So easy to be
Woe is me
Too easy to be so blind and free
To do with nothing

It’s harder
To pull the curtains and look outside
Than it is to figure out what’s wrong with our God

Hate me
Write a book and hate me
Take out your hands and hit me
Write these words, sedate and place me in the sky

Why not give me roses?
Why not give me roses?
Instead of these clouds

One time
It feels like it just takes one time
The old “hold my hands and jump” line
The alters in our way

Why’d you take the children?
Why’d you take my children?

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