April 22-26

Posted by Kurtis Eugene Category: Poetry

To, Tour, Together, Talking, Taking turns turning radio stations
cherry trees and waterfalls and blue and later in April than you thought and I bought some tulips and planted them in the public gardens and bonding and brothers and sisters and the storm is below the mist and waking and wondering and words from Italian to English to poems to words to words behind violin to scared of the dark to sleeping in light to dreaming of robes with men under heavens with that one instrument with friends behind bars of music of NOT MOZART of Seahaven or someplace I’ve not heard of or music to words to sounds like this dog to coffee for children on couches where the screaming matches last four in the dark and two in the light and prayer and wish and energy to last not longer than quarters to kinds in candy shops in small town Ontario by cities and trucks and crosswalks – too fast – and temptation and give in and not the truth
but I cant get those words back
though there’s forgiveness and nose rings and Italy and fresh water and balconies and rows of white pollen seen from inside and cooking for 300 but she’s #301
and dancing alone or dancing inside or driving slow or driving fast or planting or finding or planting and leaving or planting and watching or going to find and receiving and hearing and over and over and once more a noise or a silent nod from a strange man
all in the key of not “A” but the one down two and also add the pinky

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